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Driving Restaurant Revenue Using Voice AI and Dynamic Suggestive Upsell

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ConverseNow is a Voice Artificial Intelligence (AI) company based in Austin TX automating and personalizing restaurant orders on high volume voice channels e.g. phone, drive thru, voice assistants, self-service kiosks. 

The context aware AI – Human hybrid technology takes orders autonomously in a human-like manner. AI uses anonymized abstracted machine intelligence to predict customer ordering behavior and offers highly relevant and personalized recommendations to drive upsell.

ConverseNow is the only company that provides a channel agnostic Voice AI solution by design that works all the restaurants ordering channels alike.

The team brings many years of experience as restaurant operators and digital transformation leaders for driving operational efficiency and revenue for restaurants.


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Bringing AI based digital transformation across restaurants ordering channels

Autonomous AI

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ConverseNow ordering assistants, George and Becky, are deployed as AI-powered multi-lingual digital ordering experts at the restaurant front of the house.

They use advanced speech technology, custom machine learning (ML) models, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to process natural spoken language used by customers while placing orders. Their personalities and voices can be tailored to the individual brand or restaurant’s preferences.

By alleviating crew members’ time at the store and enabling more time for food preparation and high-value guest interaction, George and Becky measurably improve the entire customer experience.

George and Becky make recommendations based on contextual data and information available to them in real-time during the ordering process. They use anonymized machine intelligence gathered from millions of data points to deliver high order conversion and upsell.

ConverseNow Assisted AI order entry platform is deployed at the restaurant back of the house for operator use.

The platform abstracts the order entry functionality from the POS (Point-of-Sale terminal) and works as an intelligent order entry interface for the store operators. In this case, AI works in the background in assisted mode, intercepts audio from the phone or drive thru channel, listens to the operator and customer conversations, provides visual cues of fully tagged items as customers add them, and prompts employees to make personalized menu recommendations based on digital order memory and customer preferences.

The platform seamlessly integrates with leading restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems and digital ordering platforms while providing full menu access to the store operator so they can make changes to the order tagged by AI, as needed.

Assisted AI

AI driven order entry platform for operator use

Assisted AI interface


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